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Stormwings vambrace Aion Item

Stormwing's Vambrace Aion
Stormwing's Vambrace



Untradeable, Unstorable in Account Warehouse, Unstorable in Legion Warehouse,

Cannot Remodel

Available for Level 55 or higher

Defense167   Magical Resist84

Maximum HP+203   Evasion+26
Physical Def+44   Atk Speed+8%
Enmity Boost-1.6%  

Manastone socketing (for manastones of level 70 or lower)

Stormwing's Leather Set
Equip Effect (3)
Magic Resist +69
Equip Effect (5)
Magic Resist +82
Set Effect
Physical Attack +19
Crit Strike +33

Hidden effect(s) activated when complete set is equipped.
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