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Update to 5.8
Date: 21 Jan 2023, 05:46
Update 5.8 has today been implemented into our server.
Update server, Geo data works, windowed mode work, working on webshop.
Web shop fixed. After buy item will be in inventory.
How can I play 60FPS? now I'm playing at 20FPS.
Edit SystemOptionGraphics in game folder and add at bottom g_maxfps = "1"
Why can't I sell junk before the lvl 10 ? I used to do it when I played before
Hi, i cannot connect to the server... anyone can help?
How i can pay to different way my country doesn't accept Paypal?
hello server has down? still
hello loading screen always waiting %62 why i dont know for so much waiting than insance bastion of soul last boss have to problem about video making bugs and game kick out me and i waiting so much time for loading screen please fix it
while iæd love to play on your server the game sadly freezes when i click OK after inputting username/login. followed the install instructions to the letter
hello please fix it i can not enter to my char cause its say dissconnection why i dont know i was before unstuck on my char and now i cant enter
have to big problem about when i loggin to my account and enter to my char ? summon to my pet its say disconnect from server ? before i was click unstuck to web site Why do like this please and fix it thanks Best of regards
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