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Eventdaily chocolate extra bitter Aion Quest

[Event/Daily] Chocolate, Extra BitterQuest available for Level 9 or higher


A Loner cornered you and insisted you steal Chocolates from the Smug Lovebirds.


Step 1. Eliminate 'Smug LovebirdA Shulack wandering around just outside the plaza in the residential zone. They brag about their love lives and engage in public displays of affection.s and bring their Chocolate to a Carefree SingleLirinerk, who can be found near the Aerolink in Pernon Plaza, or outside the Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium.. (You need to collect: Extra Bitter Chocolate)

Step 2. Blow up the Chocolate CitadelGiant chocolate towers built in Pernon and Pandaemonium to celebrate the lovers' festival. with the Chocolate Bomb.

Step 3. Talk to the Carefree Single.

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