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Neutralizing odium Aion Quest

Neutralizing OdiumQuest available for Level 8 or higher


Order: The Kobolds are trying to refine Odium into Aether. Stop them with the help of Vice Captain Tula.


Step 1. Meet Vice Captain 'TulaMercenary Vice Captain in Melponeh's Campsite..

Step 2. Get a Fluid Sample from the Kobold CauldronA large, simmering cauldron in the Kabarah Strip Mine. It gives off a foul chemical odor. in the Kabarah Strip MineThe Kobold and Krall mines to the north of the Deforested Area..

Step 3. Meet PernosA mysterious old hermit dwelling near the Agaric Spore Road in Poeta.; give him the Fluid Sample and ask for his help.

Step 4. Obtain Mushroom SporesSpores from a Shade Fungen. They can be used to create potions or magical items. and take them to Pernos. (You need to collect: Fungen Spores)

Step 5. Return to the Kabarah Strip Mine and pour the solution into the CauldronA huge cauldron that the Kobolds regularly use to boil all manner of strange substances..

Step 6. Return to Tula.

Step 7. Report to KalioCaptain of the Kalion Mercenaries. He can be found in front of the Nobelium in Akarios Village..

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