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Event the taste of success Aion Quest

[Event] The Taste of SuccessQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Zero wanted to create a new drink which did not exist in Atreia. Conduct a survey to satisfy everybody's taste.


Step 1. Talk with 'SelodA traveler looking around the Airship Dock in Pandaemonium. He came to see Pandaemonium with people from his village..

Step 2. Talk with VenoaA tavern owner in Altgard Fortress. She is trying to woo Heidunn with her cooking..

Step 3. Talk with AprilyA quartermaster at the Desert Garrison in Morheim. She is often teased for having such an Elyos name..

Step 4. Talk with ZeroA mysterious Daeva who wanders across Atreia..

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