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My report is better Aion Quest

My Report is BetterQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Deliver the revised report to Tribunus Odoacer.


Step 1. Talk with 'TethysA member of the Elyos Beritra's Bane Legionaries stationed on the Beritran Defense Zone who tries to perform her duties diligently but finds it hard to do so..

Step 2. Talk with NeairaA lazy, conniving member of the Elyos Sanctum Champions who seldom feels guilty about stealing credit from others..

Step 3. Use the Revised ReportA report summarizing the ongoing war. It was written by Neaira and praises her at every turn. [8].

Step 4. Talk with OdoacerA Tribunus from the Elyos Beritra's Bane Legion who curries favor with Pantager..

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