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Daily magical mau stery tour Aion Quest

[Daily] Magical Mau-stery TourQuest available for Level 13 or higher


The Priory has an assignment. Find a Mentor and defeat the Black Claw Mau.


Step 1. With the aid of a 'MentorAn Instructor for Group Members. You can reach Mentor status only if a Group Member is 10 or more levels lower than you., defeat Black Claw ElitesIncludes Brutal Black Claw Priests, Brutal Black Claw Warlocks, Brutal Black Claw Head Priests, Brutal Black Claw Bodyguards, Brutal Black Claw Seekers, and Brutal Black Claw Tracers.s (x5).

Step 2. Talk with IsonneA Daeva at Altgard. She belongs to the Marchutan Priory..

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