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The scribbler Aion Quest

The ScribblerQuest available for Level 12 or higher


Thrud got angry that someone scribbled in a rare classic he borrowed from Pandaemonium. Speak with the three people that he lent it to and find out who marked it up.


Step 1. Talk with 'TulbergHe is an Archon Sentinel patrolling the inside of Altgard Fortress..

Step 1.1 Talk to NPC Thrud to get the quest

Talk to NPC Thrud to get the quest thumbnail Talk to NPC Thrud to get the quest thumbnail

Step 1.2 Talk with Tulberg

Talk with Tulberg thumbnail Talk with Tulberg thumbnail

Step 2. Talk with BorenderAn Archon Sentinel guarding the sky of Altgard Fortress. He is eradicating Abyss Fungus in the Abyss Gate. He seems to enjoy his duties..

Step 3. Talk with NoroiaDungeon guard leader of Altgard Fortress. She performs her duties as a prison guard leader better than she gets credit for..

Step 4. Talk with ThrudA Protector of Divinity residing in the Altgard Fortress. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is very persistent..

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