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Undelivered armor Aion Quest

Undelivered ArmorQuest available for Level 12 or higher


Hyacinte ordered new armor from Sagirunerk, but has not received it yet. Find out what the hold-up is.


Step 1. Talk with 'SagirunerkA merchant Shugo at Verteron Citadel..

Step 1.1 Converse with Hyacinte to start this quest

Converse with Hyacinte to start this quest thumbnail

Step 1.2 Converse with Gaurinerk.

Converse with Gaurinerk. thumbnail Converse with Gaurinerk. thumbnail

Step 2. Talk with NadaeloAn Armor Merchant of Verteron Citadel. A bit of a miser, he started his business by selling armor and later learned how to make armor himself..

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