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A dangerous crop Aion Quest

A Dangerous CropQuest available for Level 11 or higher


Order: Intelligence reports say that the MuMu tribe is growing Odella. Take the mission from Loriniah and scout the MuMu's farming field.


Step 1. Talk with 'LoriniahAn Archon Sentinel dispatched to Moslan Forest in the western side of Altgard..

Step 2. Scout the MuMu FarmlandFarmland to the south of Moslan Forest, occupied by the MuMu Skurvs..

Step 3. Scouting completed! Talk with Loriniah.

Step 4. Burn the MuMu CartA cart on which the Skurvs of the MuMu Farmland stack their Odella.s in the MuMu Farmland (x3).

Step 5. Talk with Loriniah.

Step 6. Defeat the Skurvs and Mau, gather Proof of HuntingHairpins from MuMu Patrols, Veteran MuMu Patrols, Black Claw Patrols, and Feral Black Claw Patrols; and tough belts from MuMu Gatherers, Veteran MuMu Gatherers, and MuMu Farmers., and bring it to Loriniah. (You need to collect: Hairpin)

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