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Hunting lepharist revolutionaries Aion Quest

Hunting Lepharist RevolutionariesQuest available for Level 13 or higher


Order: Abolos is planning to purge Belbua's Farm of the Lepharist Revolutionaries. Go to him.


Step 1. Talk with 'AbolosWatch Leader at Tolbas Village in Verteron. He became the Leader because there was nobody else suitable, but he is a thoughtful leader in his own way. He has a tamed Griffon at his side at all times..

Step 2. Defeat ThiefA Lepharist Revolutionary occupying Belbua's Farm near the Northern Tolbas Forest.s in Belbua's FarmA farm near the Northern Tolbas Forest. Belbua has not been seen lately, and Lepharists have occupied the farm.. (x10)

Step 3. Talk with Abolos.

Step 4. Defeat CavilThe boss of the Lepharist Revolutionaries occupying Belbua's Farm. He stays in the main building of the farm. of the Lepharist Revolutionaries (x1).

Step 5. Talk with Abolos.

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