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Craft crafting ingots Aion Quest

[Craft] Crafting IngotsQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Anteros has been growing concerned that young Daevas are not persistent enough to learn how to craft weapons. He tasked you to obtain iron ore samples from Tolbas Forest, make steel ingots from them using the Weapon Forge, and bring them to him.


Step 1. Dig up 'Iron OreOre which is used to make weapons and magical materials. Its deposits are found in all over the Tolbas Forest and the Tursin Garrison., process it into three steel ingots, then take them to AnterosA Weaponsmithing Master residing in the Artisans Hall in Sanctum. He complains that today's Daevas have no persistence and give up Weaponsmithing too easily.. (You need to collect: Steel Ingot)

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