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Hero achievements in katalam Aion Quest

[Hero] Achievements in KatalamQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Complete the Katalam Conquest Journal and the Chaos Marble.


Step 1. Take the 'Katalam Conquest JournalThis journal can be obtained by combining the The 1st Detachment Report, The 2nd Detachment Report, The 3rd Detachment Report, and The 4th Detachment Report. and the Chaos MarbleCombine Sillus Marble and Silona Marble with Pradeth Marble to make this marble. To obtain each of these marbles, you need to perform a remarkable feat in the Sillus, Silona, and Pradeth Fortress Battle. to TirinsMilitary Governor of Kaisinel's Beacon. He finds it creepy that you're willing to follow any order..[collectitem]

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