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Daily elite homework assignment Aion Quest

[Daily] Elite (Homework) AssignmentQuest available for Level 13 or higher


Academy Instructor Markos assigned you to work with a Mentor and defeat Elites at the Tursin Garrison.


Step 1. With the aid of a MentorAn Instructor for Group Members. You can reach Mentor status only if a Group Member is 10 or more levels lower than you., defeat 'Garrison ElitesTursin Krall Elite Soldiers guarding the Tursin Garrison. Refers to Crack Tursin Bigmouths, Tursin Bigmouth Bosses, Tursin Gutspiller Bosses, Crack Tursin Trackers, and Veteran Tursin Loudmouth Bosses. (x5).

Step 2. Talk with MarkosA Daeva at Verteron Fortress. He's a member of the Kaisinel Academy..

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