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Scout it out Aion Quest

Scout it OutQuest available for Level 12 or higher


Order: Meet Olenja and find out what the Lepharist Revolutionaries near Manir's Campsite are looking for.


Step 1. Talk with 'OlenjaAn Archon Sentinel dispatched to Moslan Forest in the western side of Altgard. She is a little too cautious..

Step 2. Search Manir's DockA small dock in the north of the Moslan Forest. and find out what the Lepharist Revolutionaries are looking for.

Step 3. Report the result to Olenja.

Step 4. Talk with HunmirAn Archon Sentinel dispatched to Basfelt Village in Altgard. She has a deep faith in Nokir..

Step 5. Search the Lepharist Escort Wagon on the path to the Grave Robbers DenA cave that the Lepharist Revolutionaries use as a hideout. It is north of Idun's Lake..

Step 6. Report the result to NokirAn Archon Centurion of Basfelt Village in Altgard..

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