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The kerubim threat Aion Quest

The Kerubim ThreatQuest available for Level 3 or higher


Order: Kerubars are looting and pillaging Ager's Farm. Find Muranes to receive your assignment.


Step 1. Talk to 'MuranesThe Mercenary Vice Captain that can be found between the Akarios Village and Cliona Lake..

Step 2. Defeat Smallhorn KerubFierce animals occupying Ager's Farm to the west of Cliona Lake. They are also found everywhere in Akarios Plains.s (x5).

Step 3. Go back to Muranes.

Step 4. Obtain Kerubar FangThe fang of a Bigfoot Kerubar.s, and bring them to Muranes. (You need to collect: Kerubar FangThe fang of a Bigfoot Kerubar.)

Step 5. Meet the Mercenary Captain KalioCaptain of the Kalion Mercenaries. He can be found in front of the Nobelium in Akarios Village..

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