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Heroalliance in every instance Aion Quest

[Hero/Alliance] In Every InstanceQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Gather the Danuar artifacts hidden in Idian Depths.


Step 1. Gather 'Vanquisher's Proof in Idian DepthsA token proving one's conquests in the Idian Depths. They include Witch's Absolute Rings, Pure Nucleus of Hyperions, Vera Siege Ballista's Hard Partss, and Relic Chest of the Ancient Danuars., and then take them to KuriusAn Elyos captain dispatched to Segarunerk's Bazaar. He commands the Elyos operation in Idian Depths. He always gets the job done and takes a strong hand with Hadius.. (You need to collect: Witch's Absolute Ring)

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