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The kaza identity Aion Quest

The Kaza IdentityQuest available for Level 64 or higher


Activate the last Hyperion with Kaza.


Step 1. Talk with 'KazaThe reknowned Elyos scholar is outside Pandarunerk's Delve on Goldrine Ridge..

Step 2. Defeat the Hyperion Defense OfficerOne of Beritra's followers defending the last functional Hyperion. and Hyperion Rescue SpecialistOne of Beritra's followers defending the last functional Hyperion.s. (x3)

Step 3. Talk with ThresuHe came to Infinity Shard looking for Kahrun..

Step 4. Talk with KazaThe reknowned Elyos researcher who activates the Hyperion with the Huge Idgel Cube..

Step 5. Pick up the Danuar Idgel CubeA Hyperion power source. It's very unstable..

Step 6. Kill the Hiding SpiritsThese Danuar were hiding near the Hyperion in Infinity Shard, but were poisoned by Idgel and turned into spirits. They include Phantasmal Combatants, and Phantasmal Scouts.. (x3)

Step 7. Talk with Kaza.

Step 8. Insert the Danuar Idgel Cube into Preserved HyperionA fully-function weapon once used by the Danuar. Activate it with the Danuar Idgel Cube..

Step 9. Talk with PennanA Senior Agent of Kaisinel..

Step 10. Talk with TirinsMilitary Governor of Kaisinel's Beacon. He finds it creepy that you're willing to follow any order..

Step 11. Talk with Lord KaisinelThe Empyrean Lord of Illusion, one of the Five Seraphim Lords who rule Elysea. He is the patron deity of Sorcerers and Spiritmasters..

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