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Eventdaily cutie wootie choco wuv Aion Quest

[Event/Daily] Cutie-Wootie Choco WuvQuest available for Level 9 or higher


The Elite Shulack Loners stole some Chocolates. If you get the Chocolates back, maybe it will give the Lovesick Shugos something else to do besides canoodle and make up stupid nicknames for each other.


Step 1. Take Chocolates from the 'Happy SingletonA Shulack wandering near the Studio entrance in the residential zone. He seems happy with the benefits of the single life and is uninterested in finding someone new.s and bring them to Lovestruck ShugoKhanninerk, who can be found by the Chocolate Tower in either Oriel Plaza, or Elyos Square, Sanctum.. (You need to collect: Sweet Chocolate)

Step 2. Add the Chocolate ornament to the Chocolate CitadelGiant chocolate towers built in Pernon and Pandaemonium to celebrate the lovers' festival..

Step 3. Talk to Lovestruck Shugo.

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