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Pleasure in pashid pain Aion Quest

Pleasure in Pashid PainQuest available for Level 65 or higher


The Pashid Troopers are readying for an assault. Defeat them before they are prepared.


Step 1. Annihilate the 'Pashid TroopersPashid Legion 3rd Troopers occupying Silona Basin. They include Pashid Troopers Assaulters, Pashid Troopers Gunners, Pashid Troopers Veteran Combatants, Pashid Troopers Veteran Raiders, Pashid Troopers Veteran Maguss, and Pashid Troopers Veteran Medics.. (x9)

Step 2. Talk with UbeA captain of the Archon Battlegroup who appears when the Asmodians capture Earthshaped Promontory..

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