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Alliance artillery action Aion Quest

[Alliance] Artillery ActionQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Eliminate the Siege Gunners.


Step 1. Kill Bind Point CombatantsThese soldiers are bound to the drum installed by the Balaur on the outer ramparts of The Eternal Bastion and come when it is beaten. They include Pashid Elite Siege Combatant,Pashid Elite Siege Protector,Pashid Elite Siege Ambusher,Pashid Elite Siege Troublemaker,Pashid Elite Siege Marksman,Pashid Elite Siege Rampager,Pashid Elite Siege Summoner,Pashid Elite Siege Cavalry,Pashid Elite Siege Striker, and Pashid Elite Siege Medic. at the 'The Eternal BastionA mountain fortress built by the ancient Danuar. Until recently, it was occupied by the Beritra Legion.. (x40)

Step 2. Talk with StifasA captain of the Guardian Detachment who appears when the Elyos capture Icethorn Frontier Post..

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