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Resistance is futile Aion Quest

Resistance is FutileQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Eliminate the Tiamat Remnants who have reorganized as Resistance Soldiers.


Step 1. Eliminate the 'Resistance SoldiersThey include Resistance Marksmans, Resistance Medics, Resistance Summoners, Resistance Fighters, Injured Combatants, Resistance Infantrys, Resistance Scouts, Resistance Combatants, Resistance Sorcerers, Resistance Ambushers, and Injured Archers. They include the remnants of the Tiamat forces wanting to return to the Idian Depths.. (x11)

Step 2. Talk with OturA composed and meticulous Asmodian dispatched to Segarunerk's Bazaar. As Brif's twin, he volunteered out of worry for his elder brother..

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