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A sages precious weapon Aion Quest

A Sage’s Precious WeaponQuest available for Level 99 or higher


You have been ordered to take the third test for Abyss Entry Permission. Go to Fuchsia and choose a mission.


Step 1. Meet 'FuchsiaA Daeva in the Library of the Sages in Sanctum. She has read every book in the library and retains every word. She refuses to admit how many languages she is fluent in. and choose a mission.

Step 2. Talk to TelemachusA Brigade General in charge of the Eltnen Fortress. Although he looks young, he is a battle-hardened veteran who ascended sometime near the Cataclysm..

Step 3. Talk to EpeiosAn Arena master at the entrance of Coliseum in Sanctum. He believes experience is important in battle..

Step 4. Obtain a Fortress FlagFlags raised on each corner of the Morheim Ice Fortress. They symbolize the majesty of the Morheim Fortress. in Morheim and take it to Telemachus.[collectitem]

Step 5. Kill the beasts in Eltnen.
Bighorn BakuA creature living in the Ruberein Wastes and the Outpost Ruins. This creature has a large head for its body and is known to skewer enemies with its vicious horn. (x3)
Foraging KurinAn animal nesting in the Eiron Desert. It's such a voracious eater it doesn't even leave bones behind. (x3)
Roaring MonitorA creature roaming about the Putrid Mire. Its call is grating and unpleasant. (x3)

Step 6. Report your results to Telemachus.

Step 7. Hunt more than ten beasts in the Sanctum Underground Arena. (x10)

Step 8. You have succeeded. Speak with Epeios.

Step 9. You have failed. Talk to Epeios again.

Step 10. Talk to Telemachus.

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