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Wheres rae this time Aion Quest

Where’s Rae This Time?Quest available for Level 9 or higher


Order: Find Rae, the boss's missing daughter.


Step 1. Talk with 'UlgornThe Ulgorn Raider Boss. He stands in the center of Aldelle Village. Although tough and ignorant, he doesn't hold grudges..

Step 2. Talk with NobekkA Raider guarding the western entrance to the Aldelle Village. He knows a lot about the world and many other subjects..

Step 3. Talk with DerotA task force leader in charge of the Anturoon Sentry Post at Anturoon Crossing in Ishalgen. He's good at making money..

Step 3.1 Enjoy the cinematic

Enjoy the cinematic thumbnail Enjoy the cinematic thumbnail

Step 4. Talk with NaltoA Raider stranded near the Dubaro Vine Canyon. He can't recall the last time he had a break from duty..

Step 5. Talk with RaeThe tomboy daughter of Ulgorn, hiding deep inside the Dubaro Vine Canyon..

Step 6. Destroy the Green Power Generator.

Step 7. Destroy the Blue Power Generator.

Step 8. Destroy the Violet Power Generator.

Step 9. Talk with Rae.

Step 10. Talk with Ulgorn.

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