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Event solorius joy Aion Quest

[Event] Solorius JoyQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Portzebnerk asked you to help ease his workload by paying his Solorius helper.


Step 1. Take the envelope to 'SqueegenerkA Shugo who is taking part in Solorius as a volunteer. Unusually for a shugo, he refuses to get paid, and keeps running between Cantas Coast, Tolbas Village, and Verteron Citadel to hide..

Step 2. Take a Solorius ticket to JenelA Guardian Legionary staying at Cantas Coast in Verteron. He is known for his wide personal network encompassing everyone from criminals to centurions..

Step 3. Take a Solorius ticket to NeltoniaA Human angler of Tolbas Village in Verteron. She believes her fishing skill is as good as any Daeva's..

Step 4. Report back to PortzebnerkHe visited Elyos Square to organize Solorius. He is run off his feet with festival duties..

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