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Perikless insight Aion Quest

Perikles’s InsightQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Meet the people Perikles mentioned to you.


Step 1. Talk with 'JucleasA Protector of Divinity in the Lyceum of Sanctum. The Empyrean Lords wanted to place a reliable person at the Lyceum. They appointed quiet and reticent Jucleas as the Protector of Divinity..

Step 2. Talk with LavirintosThe Commander of the Miragent Holy Templars found in the Protectors Hall of Sanctum. As the first son of a family which has produced Daevas for generations, he has never doubted his life as a Guardian..

Step 3. Talk with MysterisA priest at Cloister of Kaisinel in Sanctum..

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