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Group seize asteria fortress Aion Quest

[Group] Seize Asteria FortressQuest available for Level 99 or higher


Help reclaim Asteria Fortress. Defeat the Elyos garrison that appears when the fortress is vulnerable, take their weapons, and return to Arnora.


Step 1. Crush the 'Asteria Fortress GarrisonA force of Elyos defending Asteria Fortress. The Garrison is comprised of Snipers, Gallowglasses and Mages of Veteran, Experienced and Novice ranks. It only appears when the fortress is in a Vulnerable state., gather their weapons and return to ArnoraA Protector of Primum Legionary dispatched to Asteria Plain. He is prone to nightmares.. (You need to collect: Asteria Guardian's Weapon)

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