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Craft ingot ingredients Aion Quest

[Craft] Ingot IngredientsQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Vulcanus asked you to make three steel ingots. You first needed to dig up iron ore from the Tolbas Forest and buy Charcoal Briquettes. You then agreed to forge three steel ingots so that Vulcanus could make new plate armor for Lavirintos.


Step 1. Make three steel ingots from the 'Iron OreOre which is used to make weapons and magical materials. Its deposits are found in all over the Tolbas Forest and the Tursin Garrison. found in the Tolbas Forest, and then take them to VulcanusThe Master Armorsmith in charge of crafting armor for Daevas. He resides inside the Artisans Hall in Sanctum. He believs that good armor comes from the harmony of function, comfort, and beauty.. (You need to collect: Steel Ingot)

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