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Marras worry Aion Quest

Marra’s WorryQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Marra wants to learn the opinions of some women who bought her clothes.


Step 1. Talk to 'LidorasaA Daeva of Vanity hanging around the Prosperity Road in Pandaemonium. Even if she can't afford it, she's always got to have the latest thing..

Step 2. Talk to LapionA general goods merchant in Beluslan Fortress. She is racist against Shugos..

Step 3. Talk to FrenaiA resident of Morheim Ice Fortress. She used to live in Alsig Village but moved to the Fortress for personal reasons..

Step 4. Talk to MarraA Daeva of Costume Art in the Fine Boutique in Pandaemonium. She is whimsical yet maintains a professional demeanor..

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