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Eventdaily shove l it Aion Quest

[Event/Daily] Shove-l ItQuest available for Level 9 or higher


The Loneliest Loner has some tasks for you.


Step 1. Eliminate 'Smug LovebirdA Shulack wandering around just outside the plaza in the residential zone. They brag about their love lives and engage in public displays of affection. (x3).

Step 2. Talk to Revitalized SingletonJarucinerk in Oriel and Bakirinerk in Sanctum..

Step 3. Find the Merchant League CargoA cargo box in the central plaza near the Studio Entrance. It's stamped with the Shugo Merchant League's sigil., and bring the Loner Member Association Appreciation gifts to Revitalized Singleton. (You need to collect: Loner Member Association Appreciation Shovel)

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