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Daily surprise surprise Aion Quest

[Daily] Surprise, SurpriseQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Kill members of the Stonewatch Elyos Scouts that appear when the Asmodians occupy Stonewatch Base.


Step 1. Kill the 'Stonewatch Elyos ScoutsA band that appears when Asmodians capture Stonewatch Rampart. The squad consists of Stonewatch Scout Veteran Combatants, Stonewatch Scout Veteran Sentrys, Stonewatch Scout Veteran Supervisors, Stonewatch Scout Veteran Gunslingers, and Stonewatch Scout Envoys.. (x5)

Step 2. Talk with HelgaA captain of the Archon Battlegroup who appears when the Asmodians capture Stonewatch Rampart in Beritran Defense Zone..

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