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Fungus among us Aion Quest

Fungus Among UsQuest available for Level 10 or higher


Order: Pests from the Abyss threaten the health of Altgard's residents. Help Borender get rid of Abyss Fungens.


Step 1. Talk with 'ValurionAn Archon Centurion of Altgard Fortress. She had a falling out with her brother Ballos and they don't speak anymore..

Step 2. Talk with BorenderAn Archon Sentinel guarding the sky of Altgard Fortress. He is eradicating Abyss Fungus in the Abyss Gate. He seems to enjoy his duties..

Step 3. Get rid of the Abyss FungusA strange organism that seems to have come through the Abyss Gate. It emits toxic spores. (x5).

Step 4. Talk with Valurion.

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