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Illegal logging Aion Quest

Illegal LoggingQuest available for Level 7 or higher


Order: The Dukaki are threatening the Daminu Forest. Meet Oz, a guard at Deforested Area, and receive your orders.


Step 1. Meet 'OzA Mercenary outpost guard in Melponeh's Campsite..

Step 2. Defeat DukakiA tribe of Kobolds working in the Kabarah Strip Mine. They include Dukaki Smackers, Dukaki Diggers, Dukaki Workers, and Dukaki Brawlers. in the Kabarah Strip MineThe Kobold and Krall mines to the north of the Deforested Area. (x12).

Step 3. Return to Oz.

Step 4. Defeat Tursin Big BossA Krall that watches over the Dukaki working in the Kabarah Strip (x3).

Step 5. Return to Oz.

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