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Eventdaily candypocalypse Aion Quest

[Event/Daily] CandypocalypseQuest available for Level 9 or higher


Dating Shugo tried to smuggle candies through the Abyss for his sweetums, but Shulacks stole them at the last moment. Help him, or he will surely die. Or weep. Either way, it will be ugly.


Step 1. Kill 'Happy SingletonA Shulack wandering near the Studio entrance in the residential zone. He seems happy with the benefits of the single life and is uninterested in finding someone new.s (x3).

Step 2. Talk to Shugo Going SteadyKarutonerk in Pernon and Verarinerk in Pandaemonium..

Step 3. Find candy in the Merchant League CargoA cargo box in the central plaza near the Studio Entrance. It's stamped with the Shugo Merchant League's sigil., and bring it to Shugo Going Steady. (You need to collect: Fine Handmade Candy)

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