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Harry their rear Aion Quest

Harry Their RearQuest available for Level 65 or higher


Harry the rear of Beritra's forces until the main assault can begin.


Step 1. Kill members of the 'Pashid Siege TroopPashid Legion's 1st Siege Troop, deployed to the Beritran Defense Zone. Their forces include Pashid Siege Defenders, Pashid Siege Gunners, Pashid Siege Grapplers, Pashid Siege Outriders, Pashid Siege Warmages, and Pashid Siege Medics.s. (x9)

Step 2. Talk with HelgaA captain of the Archon Battlegroup who appears when the Asmodians capture Stonewatch Rampart in Beritran Defense Zone..

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